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About OTRO perfume concept

The OTRO perfume concept appears as a way to provoke the senses and pay homage to niche perfumery art, occupying a prominent place in the luxury perfume market in Portugal.

All-natural ingredients, rare fragrances and luxury packaging are some of the elements that distinguish niche perfumes.

We guide the customer on a journey that will lead them to discover the perfume they are looking for, taking into account, among other factors, their preferred olfactory notes and their mood on each occasion.

We also offer a personalization service, making it possible to put your name on the bottle or, if it is a gift, personalize it with a dedication.

The OTRO Group

It was born from the vision of Hugo Banha, a born entrepreneur, with extensive experience in luxury retail, always focused on exclusivity and refinement.

The OTRO group aims to offer its customers a unique and integrated experience, combining the segments of niche perfumery, private tailoring and catering, in which every detail is thought out in detail.

The first OTRO perfume concept opens in 2015, on Avenida da Liberdade. This was followed by the opening of stores in Cascais Marina and more recently in Vilamoura Marina.

In 2017, made to measure made its debut, with OTRO private tailoring, a tailoring atelier operating as a private club. Later, in 2022, it opened a store, open to the public, at the Tivoli Forum, also presenting a ready-to-wear collection.

In 2022, destiny meets Hugo Banha with chef Vitor Sobral and the OTRO restaurant appears, opening the doors to a unique sensory experience. A menu that highlights the best flavors of Portugal and the world, in a luxurious environment with elegant decor, located on a street parallel to Avenida da Liberdade.