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Amouroud · Unisex

Golden Oud

Golden Oud

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Golden Oud Extrait de Parfum is a tour de force. Its core is a natural Indian Agarwood resin. Known as “Liquid Gold” this resin has been intricately woven with layer upon layer of noble Damascas Rose mingling with warm sweet woods, Madagascar Vanilla absolute, natural Guaiacwood, and a Patchouli Orris mist. Golden Oud is a full, voluptuous sensory experience. It’s resulting aura is a haunting, sumptuous warmth. A golden halo of deep, dark woods.

Top notes

PurpleViolet, Heliotrope, and Champagne Cassi

Heart notes

  • Golden Oud
  • Patchouli Mist
  • Ori

Base notes

  • Smoked Caramel
  • Guaiacwood
  • Madagascar Vanilla Absolute
  • Myrrh
  • Tobacco Mus
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