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Drago Nero

Drago Nero

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"You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star," Nietzsche once wrote – the inspiration for DRAGO NERO.

The dragon – a fabled, mythological creature, bound in legend and a symbol in Asia for chaos and origin, for wisdom and luck.
DRAGO NERO pays homage to vetiver grass, also native to Asia, which has been cultivated as a crop for centuries and, moreover, plays an important role as a healing remedy and as an ingredient in perfumery.

It is said to have a calming effect, as well as to provide clarity, which is why in ancient Hindu
scriptures it is referred to as the "oil of serenity". Unique and special DRAGO NERO pays tribute to the soul of the Vetiver, expressing its personality with extraordinary varieties from Haiti and Java.

Lively and intoxicating, the Eau de Parfum preludes with the citric tartness of bergamot and the ripe juiciness of Calabrian mandarins that join with the exotic sweetness of pineapple and silky magnolia blossoms. Carnation blossoms and bourbon peppers are the first messengers of the passionate fragrant heart, which is characterized by a breathtaking bouquet of graceful orange blossoms, magnificent roses, majestic velvety irises and earthy-powdery violets. Selected varieties of vetiver bring freshness and tartness, their grassy-salty and equally creamy nature is accompanied by balsamic gaiac wood and the warmth of precious amber. Arnica, oak and sandalwood complete the creation that resonates with a harmonious and long-lasting drydown.

Top notes

Pineapple, Black pepper, Litter, Bergamot, Mangnilia, and Italian Tangerine

Heart notes

  • Clove
  • iris
  • Arnica
  • pink
  • Orange Blossom

Base notes

  • Vetiver
  • Guaiac Wood
  • Oak
  • musk
  • Ambergris
  • Tonka Bean
  • Sandal
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