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Memo · Unisex

Honey Island

Honey Island

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An enticing Brasilian island, allowing to all sorts of fantasies. Her name, Ilha do Mel or "Honey Island", immerses the soul in delicious dreams. This honey, which memories of love are made of, sends an urgent message: surrender to desire and lose yourself! It was its enchanting name that led Memo to this destination, a virtually untouched and pure island. Crests of broom absolute roll into noble Iris concrete, blending with voluptuous gardenia and orange blossom absolute... and a touch of jasmine blossom honey.

Top notes

Hyacinth, Mandarin, and Juniper

Heart notes

  • Honey
  • Jasmine
  • Orange flower
  • broom
  • Iri

Base notes

  • Vanilla
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