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Tiziana Terenzi · Unisex



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Orza from the verb orzare. Mooring means bringing the bow into the wind. If you continue to dock, the wind will blow in front of the boat, which will then change wall, (the side from which the wind blows), and in this way a curve will be made in maritime terms, that is, a change of direction and perspective. A new point of view, therefore, as is the case in this innovative creation that contains all the elements of challenge and wonder. Change, in fact, always contains wonder and brings with it challenge, like that which must be faced when going upwind, sometimes to the limit of being upwind, and then starting again towards a new route and A new beginning! The creation opens with an explosion of fruits where Green Apple, Calabrian Spindle and Red Romagna Plum emerge, emphasized by Coconut and Berries such as Raspberries and Blackberries from the Dolomites. This bouquet of fruits is surrounded by precious flowers, such as the Mexican Magnolia and the Himalayan Orchid, with a strong sensual and enchanting effluvium. This reverberant head rests gently on a sublime floral heart, where you can feel the joyful presence of Indian jasmine and lily of the valley mixed with the elegance of Bulgarian rose. To support this tightrope walking pyramid, you need strong columns at the base, and to ensure that, we found the Australian Sandal tight to the power of Benzoin and the persuasiveness of Ambergris, all softened by the sinuous sweetness of White Almistre and Vanilla. Madagascar, skillfully blended with the gourmand touch of Caramel. Orza captures the spirit of change, in a sudden "turn" that incorporates the taste for challenges and the wonder of discovery, so that each moment is unique and unforgettable.

Top notes

Green apple, Mandarin from Calabria, Romagna Red Plum, Coconut, Raspberry, Blackberry, Mexican Magnolia, and Himalayan Orchid

Heart notes

  • Indian Jasmine
  • Bulgarian Rose
  • Lily of the Valley Vanilla
  • Caramel
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