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Tiziana Terenzi · Unisex



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The stylistic path of the Lua Collection continues in its many forms, designed to explore the limits never before reached in the art of making perfumes, leading us on this dreamy journey towards increasingly mysterious and secret cosmic spaces Porpora is the name of the work contained in this precious passion red bottle, decorated with a jewel-shaped golden cap and depicting the lunar phases with fine lacquers in fiery red. The creation is inspired by the magnificence of the famous Red Moon that sometimes leaps out, in a sudden ball of fiery light, from behind the horizon. Perhaps the most magical and mysterious image of this long trip down memory lane, taken by the child in us as we reflect on the most peaceful and carefree period of our lives.
Paolo and Tiziana were at their holiday home, where the days passed peacefully in time with the sweet rhythm of the clock tower striking the time in the distance. Often, after dinner, they would join Nonno Guglielmo looking at the celestial vault and its infinite depth. A vast stage of brilliant lights that faded into the distance, large and endless enough to sweep them away in a whirlwind of emotions.
Surrounding the house's garden was a huge, beautiful rose garden, lovingly tended with skill and wisdom by Nonna Luigia. This corner of paradise emitted dense and seductive aromas that became even more intense at night, as the temperature would gradually drop, cooled by the light breeze that swept in from the sea. Their grandfather would pick the roses from this magical place and use them to make his precious absolutes, with wisdom and patience. Paolo and Tiziana would help him collect hundreds and thousands of large, velvety, velvety petals, which he would artfully place in the blackened copper pot of his alchemist's alchemist, which would shine like the moon.
On a low heat, fired by the chestnut wood of the neighboring wood, skillfully organized by the fireman under the pan, small drops of precious nectar would condense on the glass spirals of the almóbic. With bright and amazing eyes, Paolo and Tiziana would spend hours watching that unfathomable phenomenon: the wood fire would transform beautiful rose petals into drops of precious absolute nectar. The magic of perfume extraction was happening right in front of their eyes, like a miracle from above, waving their scent to distant valleys.
That night, still excited by the all-encompassing experience of sublimation and extraction of the absolute when suddenly, behind the flower-covered hillside, they saw a super Moon burst forth, huge and brighter than ever. A purplish red color, flaming and majestic, seemed so close to them that they were afraid it would fall on top of them.
Alarm, enchantment, excitement and awe when faced with such magnificence are all enclosed in this precious creation, which opens with a bold top note provided by Rose Absolute, surrounded by wild forest raspberry, cinnamon and clove. then in an irreverent and courageous heart, almost throwing all caution to the wind, thanks to an innovative interweaving of the sensual seductive power of the Bulgarian Rose and the hypnotic effect of Poppy, contrasted by the mystical strength of incense and patchouli. This beautiful creation is supported and characterized to guarantee extraordinary persistence on the skin, by the power of brown wood, amalgamated with Benjamin and Myrrh resins and enhanced by the gentle strength of the precious Amber & Musk blend, kept safe for over thirty years by the Family Terenzi. The olfactory seal for a unique and rare essence.

Top notes

Rose Absolute, Raspberry, Cinnamon, and Clove

Heart notes

  • Bulgarian Rose
  • Poppy
  • Incense
  • Patchouli

Base notes

  • Myrrh
  • Musk
  • Amber
  • Benzoin
  • Brunette
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